Annual Draw 2020



Dear friend,

Chabad of the Town is a household name in Montreal and synonymous with being a warm, inviting place to experience Jewish life and feeling a part of the community.

Usually, hundreds of people walk through our doors weekly to join in one of our youth, teen, educational, social programming and services. Due to Covid-19, everything came to a halt.

We immediately mobilized ourselves to reach out to our people in their homes!

Classes, services and consultations moved to zoom. We started reaching out by phone to thousands of members to assess their immediate needs. We delivered food, picked up groceries and other necessities. Chabad delivered over 5000 Shabbat and holiday packages with food and spiritual uplifting material.

The needs of our community have grown during these past 7 months, and we have been working throughout to fill them.

We will continue to be there for every individual and ensure no one ever feels alone. Delivering food boxes, being in personal contact, strengthening our Zoom presence and offerings and continuing to make sure everyone feels connected!

We turn to you as an integral part of our Montreal Jewish community to partner with us and give the helping hand to the many who need them.  

This is Chabad’s only fundraiser of the year!

We look forward to your partnership in helping keep it together for the most vulnerable and really everyone in these fragile times.

We have a limited number of 2,600 tickets at $100 ea. By purchasing One, Two, Five or Ten tickets your impact is greater! For every $100 ticket, $80 is tax deductible and $20 is the cost of ticket.

Thanks to the Sponsors (see list below) who underwrite all the costs related to the Raffle, 100% of monies raised will go directly to the people in need.

Your ticket entitles you for a chance to win:
$18,000 - 1st Prize, $1,000 ea. – Second & Third Prize, $500 ea. - Fourth & Fifth Prize

Thanks for partnering with us in ensuring a Jewish tomorrow!


Rabbi Moshe Krasnanski

Executive Director & Spiritual Leader

P.S We need some more people to help us sell tickets, please contact Rabbi Moshe at [email protected], or call 514-342-1770 ext. 100.

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Our Members' Feedback

Dina, thanks again for the nice gift which I did not expect at all. Its like a rayon de soleil dans ma journee. Chabat Shalom to you and your family.

It was SO heartwarming to receive that little package filled with love before Shabbat. And despite the distance you sure made us feel very connected to this amazing community we are so lucky to be part of.

So very kind of you to remember us in this uncertain period that we are going through.
F & T

Ever since I have started taking courses with Chabad of the Town, and getting involved, I feel my life has gotten better.

It was delicious and more than enough to last me for the two main meals for Rosh Hashanah nights. In this new world where we find ourselves I was unable to do either. I did not possibly imagine an unkosher Rosh Hashanah.