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Over the past seven years, tens of thousands of meals, hundreds of Simchas and multiple events have been served through our kitchen, despite it being small and inadequate.
It's special thanks to Dina, Claudine and many others who have made the most of it.

We are proud now to expand it to a full scale commercial kitchen. This will better serve our needs and all future Simchas you have to celebrate. 

 20150726_191357.jpg   20150726_191424.jpg



20150728_134404.jpg   20150728_134413.jpg  20150728_150832.jpg  20150728_150855.jpg  20150728_150919.jpg  20150728_150923.jpg  20150728_151113.jpg  20150728_151120.jpg  20150729_070656.jpg  20150729_122300.jpg  20150729_070718.jpg  20150729_122305.jpg  20150729_122321.jpg  20150729_122324.jpg  20150729_135423.jpg  new.jpg  new1.jpg  new2.jpg

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