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Israel Legal Mission - Day 5 & 6

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Friday and Shabbat was a highly charged emotional experience!

We started with a morning visit to Hebron, to trace our roots back to the birthplace of Judaism and all religions. We learned the history of Hebron which had a continuous Jewish community since Jews entered Israel over 3000 years ago, until 1929 when the programs against the Jews was an excuse for the British to make it judenrein. We walked through its history and witnessed the community living there today. We prayed at the Machpela cave and it felt so special to do it together.

We then had a chance to feel the vibe of Jerusalem preparing for Shabbos at the Mahne Yehuda market.

After we prepared for Shabbat we walked to the home of the Clayman family overlooking Har Habayit for a candle lighting ceremony which was moving and powerful. We then walked together, blending into the hundreds, marching to welcome the Shabbat at the Kotel. 

The Kotel was an uplifting experience as we sang the prayers while dancing with intense spirit.

We then went to eat at the Chabad shul just 100 meters from the Kotel. The Shabbat meal was legendary with moments of laughter and tears, lots of singing and dancing. The food superb and the energy and feeling of brotherhood palpable. We continued with a farbrengen back at the hotel until the wee hours of the morning.

Shabbat was a day of rest while we held an interesting discussion on Judaism today. Lunch was enjoyable as discussion continued. We then heard from an Israeli Arab journalist, Khaled Abu Toameh, giving us a perspective of Israel through the eyes of a Muslim Arab.

We ended the Shabbat with a musical Havdalla on the 22nd floor terrace of Harry & Nancy Bloomfield. As everyone held their spice bag and the terrace full of lit Havdala candles and after explaining how havdalla carries Shabbat into our mundane week. An uplifting and special experience and ending Shabbat on such a high (literally).

We ended our evening with a tour of the graffiti art of the shuk telling the story of Israel and Jewish history.


Rabbi Moshe 


Israel Legal Mission - Day 4

  Israel Legal Mission - Day 4


Today was a packed day! We visited Judge Menachem Lieberman, President of the Military Court, who explained to us how Israel's military court deals with crime and terror in Judea and Samaria, how it works and how they try to administer justice fully under the law.

We had the privilege of meeting Danny Tirza,  the architect of the security fence across Israel and though the purpose is clear - security, it was done with sensitivity to the Palestinians on the other side.

We trained with soldiers at Caliber 3 anti terror training. Wow! What an experience to live through the training soldiers go through to remember their mission is to protect not kill and always to remain human.

Our food itself has been unbelievable truly representing a land flowing with milk and honey. We had a winery tasting and lunch in the beautiful Gush Etzion area outside Jerusalem, it was sweet and tasteful.

Until tomorrow where the experience continues.


Rabbi Moshe 

Israel Legal Mission - Day 3

  Israel Legal Mission - Day 3


Day 3 was an important day as we visited the 2 most important institutions of modern day Israel, the Knesset and the Supreme Court.

We started the day hearing from a leading judge dealing with family issues where Israel has a very different system than in Canada but yet look out to ensure women and children are protected.

We got a briefing from general Bentzi Gruber  who leads a large division of the army about the ethics of war and the sensitivities drilled into each soldier. Incredible how driven it is by the values of Torah, as one American general said, "Israel is 15 years ahead of all countries." 

We met with Avi Dichter, who is at the forefront of Israel's foreign relations and the chair of Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee, and previous Head of Shabak. He spoke about the political situation and the means Israel has to deal with it legally and politically.

We then met with Judge Neil Hendel, an American born judge, who described how he brings the wisdom of Torah to craft many of his rulings.

What an interesting day!


Rabbi Moshe 

Israel Legal Mission Day 2

 Israel Legal Mission - Day 2

day2 (2).png 

Our second day was intense and very interesting as we experienced Israel on the ground. 
First we met with Mati Dan and Ateret Cohanim who are buying back Jewish homes and properties within the heart of Jerusalem, that over time, Jews were thrown out of etc.
We learned that the current Muslim quarter was actually the main Jewish quarter with over 20 synagogues prior to the pogroms and war of 48 and the majority of the old city was Jewish.
After a delicious Israeli shawarma and falafel lunch, we toured the Sharei Zedek Hospital, which was founded over 100 years ago and is based on Jewish law and ethics.
At the hospital, we heard from Rabbi Dr. Steinberg, a leading world expert in medical ethics of the fascinating cases he deals with daily.
We heard about Our Crowd's work of creating a legal vehicle to allow individuals to invest in Israel and its technologies as a start up nation and world leader.
Over dinner, we heard from Rachel Weiser ESQ., lead counsel of Shurat HaDin, leading the battle against terrorism through legal channels and currently working to get Facebook and others to disallow any terrorist organization to be listed and propagandize.

Overall it was a great day, and seeing Israel deal with its issues of daily life through our legal perspective was eye opening.
Rabbi Moshe 

Our Mission Has Begun!

Rabbi Moshe's Daily Blog - Israel Legal Mission

DAY 1 

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Today a large contingent of our Israel legal Mission arrived in Israel joining with those who have arrived earlier to kick off our journey.

We started on the Haas promenade with the incredible vies of the Temple area and retracing the steps of our forefathers. We enjoyed a delicious outdoor lunch in the magnificent sunshine raised our glass with L'chaim for an incredible experience.

cle israel 2017 1.jpg

We went straight to the western tunnels for a behind the scenes tour of seeing excavation in action and understand how their difficult work is done.

We ended the day with a great meal in Mamilla Mall and heard Maj. Jordan Hertzberg, a behind the scenes diplomat, paratrooper and businessman update us on Israel's security situation in the south, north and the west bank. It was informative and put the situation in perspective.  

cle israel 2017 3.jpg 


Rabbi Moshe 

3rd Legal Mission to Israel!

 Dear friends,

We are headed to Israel for our 3rd Legal Mission with our largest group to date - 45 participants, many of whom are top Montreal lawyers and judges.

Our trip officially begins on Monday, October 23, 2017.

Please follow all the excitement by check back here daily for photos, updates, and highlights.

Shabbat Shalom! 

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