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Canada and the world have been paying close attention to the SNC Lavalin affair, especially this week when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke his silence. The general response to his press conference was that his explanations are unsatisfactory as things just don’t seem right.


Contrast this with the message from our Torah portion Pekudei (Accounting), where it is mentioned several times, about Moshe Rabeinu and the lead architect of the Tabernacle project Betzalel:  “and he did exactly so”. This portion is the final of five concerning the building of the Temple and the one which describes how they actually built the structure, including its details. 


Why do we have to be told that they “did exactly so”? Would we expect any less than complete and exact compliance with the directives of G‑d by our great leader Moses and his right hand Betzalel?  The answer is very simple, but very powerful. Often before the fact, everything makes sense and seems right. We know where we are going and how something is expected to happen. Yet when we try to make it a reality, all of a sudden it isn’t so simple anymore.


To this the Torah lays witness that the greatness of Moses, Betzalel, and others is that they never lost the spirit of the law and more importantly, the details of how to bring the law to life and to assert its relevance in our everyday lives. They never got carried away by the distractions of the bigger picture. They did not forget the importance of following every detail as they were commanded. Talk about focus!


So too in our lives, we must be inspired by the Torah to be of right mind and spirit, but never forget that to make our projects a reality we must be committed to instruction from G‑d on how to implement the underlying values and messages while keeping all the details in mind. You might learn some of this in university, but there are bigger issues involved that were addressed in the Torah thousands of years ago.


This is the reason the Torah focuses on details. Ironically many people often feel this lack of spontaneity takes away from the spirit and passion associated with a G‑dly life. Where is the fun? What happened to freedom and so-called self-will? The exact opposite is true. To maintain the spirit of a project we must have an inkling of the plan and ensure the details are complete. I’d like to wish you success in maintaining the big picture while attending to the details of your projects and lives with the same passion and commitment with which you might plan a vacation to Cancun.


This powerful message gets reinforced as we will join synagogues around the world where the words Be Strong! Be Strong! Be Strengthened! will ring loudly as we conclude the book of Exodus/Shmos, the second of the five divisions of our Torah. As we turn the page of one book of learning and enter another, we are reminded that through G‑d we can achieve the realization of our plans and dreams:


This Wednesday evening, March 13, we are hosting an evening for women of inspiration, uplifting, and success. We will hear from three women who have succeeded in the bigger picture while acknowledging details. We will see how these amazing women always tied the two together, allowing them to experience success in their careers and business, family lives, and their personal lives as well.

We are almost full, so click here to register asap!
Watch videos of the 3 speakers: Mrs. Julie Gniwisch, Dr. Guila Delouya, Mrs. Mor Greenberg.


Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!



Rabbi Moshe & Dina Krasnanski


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